Tattoo Snob Returns!


Great News!

After a bit of a hiatus, one of my favorite blogs will go live again on 3rd September!
Tattoo Snob is exactly what it sounds like; a blog by and for people who are tired of seeing really terrible tattoos flaunted all over the internet. I keep OV fairly niche, only covering a very specific genre of tattooing, but the fine folks at TS cover a broad range of styles and artists. I’m super geeked to see them return! Good luck, y’all, it’s great to have you back! will be your golden ticket come 9/3.

In other great news; I finally upgraded my dying 2007 Macbook to a 2013 Macbook Pro! That means I’ll be able to start capturing video again!
No specific timeline (I still have to migrate all the data from the old one over to the new one, etc… but the potential for new old video now exists!)


One comment

  1. So good to hear! The stuff you show on OV is unobtainable for me in most cases. Looking forward to that and Tattoosnob!
    Thanks and best regards
    C-J Hootchie-Coo Tattoo


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