Occult Vibrations Philly AIDSWALK 5k Team!

Hey folks-
On October 20th 2013 I’ll be running with ‘Team Occult Vibrations’ in this year’s Philadelphia AIDS WALK 5k.
We’ll be collecting donations to support the team for the next two months- 100% of which will go directly to people in the Philadelphia area affected by HIV/AIDS.

I’m working on some premiums for larger donations:

  • An exclusive Occult Vibrations tshirt design available only via donation.
  • A CD/tshirt pack from REIGN SUPREME.
  • A bar tab from The Bike Stop (I’d love to see someone get the bar tab AND the Reign Supreme Premiums)
  • …. and hopefully more!

My goal is to raise $500 and I’d appreciate any support you folks could give. I used to joke that I only ran ‘when chased’ and in previous years  donated to my friends who were walking/running so I could ‘sleep late and not feel guilty’. As health and fitness has become more important to me over the last year I’ve done my best not to take it for granted and despite working until 3am the night before the run… will be getting up at 6:30am to join my team for the three mile run.

My runner page is here: http://www.aidswalkphilly.org/profile/detail/204162

I’m sorry for the ‘off topic’ post!



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