Howard’s Fund


I first became of Howard- the ‘Cosmic Commander of Wrestling’- in the classic Michael O. Stearns tattoo video ‘Frisco Skin and Tattoo Ink’ where Daniel Higgs tattoos an iconic ‘Screamin’ Baby in a Dunce Cap’ piece on his leg. Over the years I’d see him pop up in magazines or conventions and always found him laughing and having a great time.

Howard was involved in a serious motorcycle accident the last week of July and is in serious condition. Like a lot of us, Howard doesn’t have health insurance and the cost to his family is staggering.

As we all know Howard was in a a serious motorcycle accident the last week of July. This first week was spent in a medically induced coma in ICU/Critical Care. He has had emergency cranial surgery to remove the pressure on his brain and was on total life support and dialysis. At the time of this writing (8/2) he being brought out of the induced coma.

What is not known by many is that he DOES NOT have Medical Insurance and the cost for his family to stay by his side has been a financial burden to say the least. He is also going to have a VERY EXTENSIVE rehabilitation and recovery period. As a result we have set up this fund to help his family defray the cost of being by his side and to assist in covering some of his medical care both now and in the future. No donation is too small and every penny will help in some way now or on the future.

Let us as Howie’s numerous communities who love him join forces and get together as one to help ease the burden where we can for him and his family in their time of need.

Together we CAN move mountains!

Donations can be made here through the attached link UCaringlink on the page, at PayPAl via, or sent to Howard’s mom Phylis at either the Hospital or deposited directly into account # (forthcoming by 8/7)

I rarely put up donation requests here on OV, but if you have a few extra bucks laying around, Howard and his family could really use your support.

To keep updated: Howard’s Fund Facebook Page.


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