OFF TOPIC: San Diego Comic Con/San Francisco

Hey everyone!

I know I’ve sucked at updating lately… I’ve had a lot going on. But hell. Occult Vibrations has always been a ‘no obligation’ blog, which means I update when I can/want to, so I shouldn’t feel too guilty.

I’d bore you folks with tales of computer problems (my macbook is six years old and only has 4gb of open space; capturing new video is impossible) and all of that, but instead I’ll mention that I’m going to be in San Diego and San Francisco next week on vacation.

San Diego is a Comic Con/Pushead trip (Sunday) but I have no plans on Friday 19th July or Saturday 20th July.
San Fran will be 22nd and 23rd July. If anyone wants to grab dinner and bullshit about tattoos, life, whatever… get in touch!

shawn.porter23@gmail dot com




  1. Is Pushead going to be at the con? That’s cool,you’ll be in my hometown,hit me up if you want anybody to hang out with,go to a show or whatever…


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