Daniel Higgs: Surrender to Love



Buying records in Philadelphia is much harder than it should be. While we have a few decent record stores, none of them ever seem to actually get new releases  (at least in the two weeks surrounding their release)  instead offering a friendly “we can order it for you though” in place of the CD/LP/Cassette I want.

So while  waiting for ‘The Godward Way’ to arrive from Thrill Jockey I swung by Repo Records on South Street to see if there was anything new and interesting out that I may not have heard of and was surprised to see yet another new Higgs release.

From Wild Sages:

WSR5 DANIEL HIGGS Cassette & Digital Download + 3 Songs @ around 13 Minutes Recorded In A Wintery 2010/11 by Nathan Bell & Re-Mixed By N. Shineywater, Mastered in LA using 1930’s era EQ, this unique combo of  Digital Download MP3  & 2 Sided Cassette compliments modern & vintage listening devices. (sold separate)

As the cover art suggests a mighty lion holding the sun, eating floating green diamonds, we bet  the track “Throne Of The Kind A Light Upon My Mind will get your lion a little more iron!

The link above has both the cassette and the digital download, for whatever tickles your fancy.


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