OVII Anniversary!

ov55blueI just got a little notification from WordPress telling me that today marks two years since I registered Occult Vibrations as a blog. I had considered doing it as a print ‘zine, a place to highlight interviews I had done with a few tattooer friends of mine, old photos I had collected over the years and articles on Occult symbolism, but laziness and the digital age caught up with me and I went with a blog instead.

Originally it was supposed to stay very strictly focused on occult subject matter with the occasional artist interview thrown in, but in those first few weeks it was difficult to manufacture original content, so I started uploading clips from my favorite 1980s/90s tattoo videos to youtube, and featuring them here on OV. I hadn’t watched some of these gems in years, and the more I watched, the more I captured on my aging macbook and uploaded for you folks.

Over time I found a balance. Original content, occult and religious tattoos from my favorite tattooers, classic videos, book reviews/plugs and even an occupational fitness video for tattooers that I filmed with my friend (and tattooed personal trainer) Jay Pepito.

We’re an ‘obligation free’ blog- which is to say that I update when I feel like it or when I have something that I want to share and not under any schedule to ‘keep readers interested’. I figure you folks are going to come back because you’re a bunch of tattoo geeks just like me (yay!) and would rather have quality than quantity.

I’ve been joined by the lovely Jennifer Stell for a few articles, have gotten the blessings of Jonathan Shaw and Henry Goldfield to reprint some of their stuff, and have folks submitting great content, which is always appreciated.

Stewart Robson of Frith Street recently pointed out that I’ve been blogging for decades (yes, decades he says) and let me tell you- OV has been the most fun and personally rewarding blog/zine/website that I’ve ever done.

I want to thank all of you folks for hanging out with me, for reading what I’m posting, and for the few of you that comment- thanks a lot. It’s nice to put a ‘face’ to the folks who come here and to realize that it’s real people that are visiting, not just webspiders and students trying to get research material from a blog instead of going into a tattoo shop.

So. Two years. I honestly hope that the best is yet to come!

(New OV watermark courtesy of my friend JAllen.)



  1. At least I didn’t say you’d been blogging since the last century 😉 Your secret’s safe with me…
    In all seriousness, one of my favourite things about your approach to writing (blogging, zines, whatever) is your focus on creating some sort of personal archive with just the right amount of focus and obsession to keep the geeks and dilettantes hooked.

    I know for sure that the VHS rips are greatly appreciated by tattoo geeks.

    Keep on truckin…
    p.s. it’s 100% appropriate that a logo, watermark, sigil, etc. for an occult related vehicle resembles genitals. Then again “OV” are the perfect letters for that.


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