Skateboarding & Tattooing with Sid

You talk to most tattoo folks of a certain age, and invariably the ‘Tattoo Issue’ of THRASHER magazine will get an honorable mention. (I think it was January 1990)

At the time tattooing was in a state of change; younger folks were getting weirder tattoos than the standard biker/sailor stuff, and when Thrasher showed people around our age with tattoos- that was it. It was like a bomb going off in a lot of people’s heads that we didn’t have to get A-13 off the wall by guys who scared the hell out of us. There were younger tattooers, younger clients and they were getting skate art, hot rod stuff… It was a game changer.

This video features Sid of Sid’s Tattoo Parlor talking about the connection between skating and tattooing.



  1. Part man part machine , still have the issue forever game hanger live to ride ride to live as if the biker torch was passed off or taken by the skateboarder ,,,,, streets of fire !


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