Amsterdam Tattoo Museum


In May of 1995, a few months shy of my 21st birthday, my parents gifted my brother and I with a trip to Amsterdam, Holland to attend Hanky Panky’s Amsterdam Tattoo Convention. At the time, my folks had never even left the east coast of the US, but they wanted their children to see the world and worked overtime (literally) to make sure that we could travel abroad.

It was unlike any convention I’d ever been to. I fell in love with the city of Amsterdam and in one fell swoop all other tattoo conventions were ruined for me. At the time, Henk had a museum in his shop. Small, but packed to the walls with tattoo culture ephemera.

A year ago, he opened a much more ambitious museum in Amsterdam, and while I haven’t made it back overseas to check it out, I try to keep up with it via their website. Yesterday my Instagram feed was abuzz with a note from Henk letting folks know that the museum was facing some difficulties.

Dear Friends.

We need your support now more than ever. On November 5th 2011 we started the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, a home for tattoo and art lovers.
We started with in a partnership but it didn’t turn out as we imagined. After almost a

year of fighting this morning we were forbidden to access to our own museum and our collection is taken hostage. We are doing everything we can to, so please stay tuned and fight with us for what is ours!

Yours truly,
Hanky Panky and the crew

You can keep up to date with the issue- as well as how to support Henk and the Museum, on their Facebook Page.
With luck, everything will be resolved soon!

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