Hurricane Sandy Relief at 1228 Tattoo

I was very lucky to have sustained no damage due to Hurricane Sandy.
We never lost power and I was still able to go into work so I consider myself very lucky. Like everyone else, I was glued to the news as the storm hit, trying to keep track of what loved ones I had in the areas affected. Again, luck served me well and my friends and family were all safe, save for a few days without power or the random bit of cosmetic property damage. Other folks weren’t so lucky. Parts of NY and NJ were hit hard, and people lost everything.

If you’re in NYC and would like to donate much needed items to the Sandy Relief effort, my friend Joy of 1228 Tattoo will be equipped to process your donations. The information follows:

High Horse Salon & Saloon and Twelve 28 Tattoo
have gotten together to help with
the relief effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

If you would like to donate goods, you may drop them off to High Horse Salon or Twelve 28. Both places will be equipped to take your donations. Take a look at the list below for an idea of the supplies that are most needed. We are also having Hurricane Relief Events at High Horse Saloon Sunday and Monday nights (November 4th & 5th). There will be a minimum cover donation of $5 at the door and a raffle. Some of the prizes include: $100 Salon Gift Certificate, $50 Bar Tab, and $200 Tattoo Gift Certificate.

Kristi, Iris, and I just started the ball rolling on this today, so we will have more information soon. I’d like to thank Kristi, everyone at High Horse, and my crew here at Twelve 28 for helping out. Please re-post this information and I hope to see you soon!

Everyone please stay safe while The City gets back on it’s feet.

Things to Donate:
Canned Goods/Non-Perishable Foods/Water
Cleaning Supplies/Brooms/Mops/Garbage Bags


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