It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of the SpikeTv show Ink Master.

I try to keep my contempt for it in check here on OV since it’s just in bad taste to make fun of such an easy target and there would be no restraint once that can of worms was opened. Sure, I really respect Oliver Peck. Richard Stell recently appeared on an episode and they even got Jack Rudy in season one. But having people I respect on it doesn’t change my thoughts on just how horrific it is. While ‘scripted reality’ shows like the LA/Miami/NY Inked shows are bad… at least they’re not consciously allowing terrible tattooers to do jacked up work on saps who just want to be ‘on the tv’.

There have been more than a few allegations of contestants on Ink Masters stealing designs from the internet…. and now there’s a tattooer right here in my home city who’s decided to not just sit back and take it. Kristel Oreto took the time to break down the situation in a youtube video; goes a bit long but really worth watching.

Kristel… thanks for going public with this. While I will still try to steer clear of negative posts espousing my contempt for Ink Master (two words: Lady Face.) I think this is a situation where it’s warranted. for more info on how to get tattooed by Kristel.



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