Rabbit’s Moon- a tattoo by Erl.

Not content to just do kickass Jodorowsky and Wicker Man tattoos, tattooer Simon Erl has started incorporating the works of Occult Cinema wunderkind Kenneth Anger into his tattooing. This tattoo is from Anger’s Rabbit’s Moon, which was shot in 1950, released in 1972 and rereleased with a new soundtrack in 1979. I was lucky enough to see a restored print of Rabbit’s Moon along with a Q&A with Anger several years ago. While not as overtly occult as his Magic Lantern films, it’s beautiful none the less. Shot in cool blues and featuring the ironic Pierrot, Harlequin and Columbina, it holds up as a classic in indie/ avant-garde cinema.

If you feel like learning more about Anger’s work- http://www.kennethanger.org
To follow Simon Erl on Tumblr- http://simonerl.tumblr.com

And finally, to watch Rabbit’s Moon:


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