Tattoo Age: Season 2

I’ve been sitting on this news for ages now with a sworn promise to Mr. Grosso that I wouldn’t spill the beans. But the cat is out of the bag now…. and it’s time to be excited.

I first heard about DeVita getting interviewed for Tattoo Age last year from Scott Harrison; he gave me the full rundown of how the filming went and I got very excited about seeing the finished product. DeVita is so iconic- while I still contend that the Fred Corbin arc from Season 1 of Tattoo Age may be THE single most impressive tattooer documentary I’ve ever seen… I’ll admit that the idea of a Thom DeVita segment literally gives me goosebumps.

The season will also include Valerie Vargas, who’s artwork I’ve been impressed with since before she was tattooing, and Mutsuo of Three Tides tattoo. After a very impressive (and more content loaded) season 1… Will Tattoo Age still be able to impress? I guess we’ll have to wait, watch and see for ourselves!

The trailer for Season 2 will hit on September 5th.

One comment

  1. So. Fucking. Amped.

    Pardon my language.

    Though it’s REALLY going to be a tough call with the awesomeness Mr. Marcus Kuhn has been dropping on Gypsy Gentleman. I’m fully aware the two aren’t very similar but Marcus and crew have really stepped up the game in the past few episodes.

    Plus topping the Corbin series is going to be difficult… I’ve watched it at least 3 times all the way through.

    Regardless, I’m geeked as all get out for this to come back!

    Thanks for the superb news sir!


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