Mr. Kanopka’s class needs us.

I’m glad to know Klint Kanopka.
There are a lot of things we agree on he and I, almost as many as the things we disagree on. He’s a damn nice guy and more importantly he’s one of the most passionate teachers I know; and teaching is a profession that I already have a lot of respect for. He also has a collection of really amazing tattoos (which is how this post is going to be nudged into ‘relevant’ for OV!) so…

A tattooed teacher needs our help.

Mr. Kanopka’s class

If you can afford to spare a little money (and even a little bit helps) it will be putting learning materials into the hands of kids who really need it; Philadelphia schools have a terrible rep, but Klint never gives up on his students even when the budget isn’t in his favor. So…. consider helping out and telling him that OV sent you!

Thanks to amazing donors, Klint raised the money to buy the books for his students!


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