Cosmic Christ

I went in yesterday to spend some time with Robert Ryan.
I always gush about getting worked on by Robert; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- you get a heck of a lot more than just a tattoo from him. He turned my sloppy thumbnail into the perfect tattoo and spent the day cracking me up.

I also found out that Mike Schweigert is cooler than everyone who HASN’T had Pushead do an album cover for them.

My life is in a weird transition right now and this tattoo really helps solidify the changes that need to be made and helps me focus on my goals. When I started OV last year, I said “some tattoos are distilled images; sigils that compress thought into a symbol and say everything that needs to be said without having to burden the world with more mindless rambling.”

So I’ll cut out the rambling, and just thank Robert, Mike, Andy and Mike for a really cathartic day.


  1. that’s a great tattoo and i just wanted to chirp up and say that i really enjoy your blog too (even though i never comment).


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