What’s happening, Hot Stuff?

I did it again;
I had sworn off watching any more episodes of Spike TV’s INK MASTER after wannabe reality-show badboy Al Fliction had to ‘close shop’ and go home. I had thought there was no more to see. But I relapsed. Episode 4 came and went but I couldn’t resist episode 5; Traditional American.

Bold line. Heavy black shading. Limited color palette. A timeless tattoo you could read from 20 feet away.

The episode ended poorly.
The artists by and large put on good tattoos, but they missed the point entirely.

You can’t say the same about this lil devil from Michael Bennett of Faith Tattoo in Santa Rosa. He’s put a fun spin on it, but bold lines? Heavy black shading and tightly packed solid color? I’d ask why guys like Michael aren’t on Ink Master, but I think that it’s pretty obvious.

You can find out more about Michael at his blog.


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