My first exposure to Voodoo and it’s Loa came from a relatively odd source; as a subplot in the 1986 William Gibson novel ‘Count Zero’. I tracked down a VHS copy of Maya Deren’s ‘Divine Horsemen’ shortly after. The familiarity and closeness Voodoo have with their Gods/Loa fascinated me, with each Loa having their own sigil or Vévé to identify them.

This one, a super clean tattoo by Mr. Michael Bennett, is for Erzulie. She comes in many aspects- Maîtresse Mambo Erzulie Fréda Dahomey, Erzulie Dantor and a host of others, all different incarnations based on the needs of her followers.

You can find out more about Erzulie here: Wiki.
You can find more work from Mr. Bennett here: Child the Peacemaker.

And finally, you can watch ten minutes of Deren’s film here:


  1. Things I have serious respect for. Maybe no stranger than the bible or a cross but I wouldn’t get a voodoo tattoo unless it was from a person who really knew about it.
    Thanks for a great website!


  2. oh you stole that exact tattoo from me. I changed the “classic” symbols with my tattoo artist. somehow the pic found itself on the internet and you copied it. thanks a lot.


    1. Laura-
      I posted that photo with the tattooer’s permission after seeing it on his website. If you’re Michael’s client and you want this photo removed, I’d be happy to do it- just confirm for me that you’re the client in the photo with the tattoo by Michael E. Bennett.

      No one ‘stole’ anything as far as I know.


    2. Also- this was from 2012. I can’t say that Michael didn’t ‘copy’ it, but I’m almost certain he didn’t, judging from his portfolio. Again- if this is you I’ll have no issue removing the image.


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