Philadelphia Tattoo Convention Afterparty

For the last several years I’ve hosted an unofficial afterparty to celebrate the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention at a really awesome bar called the Bike Stop. The owners are kind enough to allow us to have our own dedicated floor with drink specials, a complimentary photobooth, a great playlist and more!

We have a $.50/game pool table on the Sports floor (one floor below the party) with Smithwicks, Guinness, Yuengling Lager, Shocktop Belgian White, Coors Light and Yards Brawler on tap.

The bar is located a few blocks from the Philadelphia Convention center and is walking distance from several restaurants that will be open late, including Maoz Vegetarian, Moriarity’s Irish Pub (best buffalo wings in town) and the Farmer’s Cabinet. (upscale, amazing menu for adventurous foodies)

There’s a Facebook RSVP list here: OV Presents An Unofficial Philadelphia Tattoo Convention Afterparty. If you’re thinking about attending, please sign up so you can get the latest info.

The party starts at 10pm on the top floor and goes until 2am.

The Bike Stop is 21+
It’s a gay leather bar, so if you’ve got a problem with gay folks, this isn’t for you. For the last three years the staff and patrons of the Bike Stop have welcomed our party with open arms and treat us respect. We’d appreciate the same courtesy from guests attending the party.

The event is open to everyone who wants to have a good time. There’s no cover. If you’re sXe or don’t drink booze we have soda and water available for sale.


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