Gypsy Gentleman Part 2

Happy New Year everyone.
OV is still only eleven months old, but I’ve had a heck of a time so far.
2011 was a very full year for tattoo culture including Vice’s TATTOO AGE and Marcus Kuhn’s Gypsy Gentleman. Both were a welcome retreat from the glut of tattoo related programming (the various Inked series, Tattoo School, etc) that many folks feel exploit tattooing in the name of ratings. They let us have a glimpse into the lives and careers of Thomas Hooper, Fred Corbin, Grime, Dan Santoro, Virginia Elwood and other really next level tattooers with no drama, screaming or “If we can make it here… we can make it anywhere” rambling.

While Tattoo Age has finished it’s first season, Marcus still has more Gypsy Gentleman coming.

Episode 2, Austing Texas, features Tony Hundahl and Steve Byrne with music by Lucero and should be airing over at any day now is currently live on

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