Exotic Expression

I have to admit it; I’ve had a great time recently going through all of the Royboy tapes that I have in my collection. They really capture a distinct time in tattoo history, and while the content can seem a little gauche by modern standards they’re a lot better than folks (myself included) have given them credit for.

Exotic Expression (which is video #7 from Royboy) was filmed in 1990 at tattoo conventions in Philadelphia and New Orleans respectively. I pieced together about eight minutes featuring Royboy, Debra, Spider Webb, Gil Montie and a baby tiger.

I really hope that whoever owns the rights to the Royboy/Badlands videos puts them out as a dvd release.



  1. This is my favorite of all the Royboy video excerpts you’ve posted so far. “It’ll probably be in pretty soon to be NOT tattooed.” …I’m envious of your collection.


  2. You’re correct, Cooley.
    These videos should be considered ‘time capsule’ material, not how-tos. Wearing gloves/setting up barriers is of course important.


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