Beyond and Between

A few days ago I posted about the new Skull Defekts/Higgs/Zomes LP.
I purchased it directly from Thrill Jockey and in a moment of absolute density… managed to combine my home address and my work address and had it sent to an address that doesn’t exist. Nigel over at Thrill Jockey is working on getting it out to the correct address when it returns (thanks, dude!) but in the meantime….

Higgs has a NEW project out on La Castanya that’s thankfully available on iTunes. I’ll be buying the LP (I’m a collector at heart) as well, but the instant download will protect me from my own address fumbling a second time.

From La Castanya:
On the 12th of december La Castanya will release Beyond & Between, the new record by Daniel Higgs (Baltimore, USA / member of Lungfish, Pupils and Reptile House). The album was recorded on may 2011 at Ultramarinos Costa Brava studios by Santi Garcia and Higgs was accompanied by catalan multi-instrumentalist Marc Clos on percussion (he is a regular member of several Jordi Savall’s ensembles and also plays in punk rock bands like Vistalegre and Nueva Vulcano). Daniel Higgs and Marc Clos spent three days in the studio in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona. Higgs sang and played banjo and Clos played vibraphone, marimba, side drum, etc… The result are seven tracks recorded live on a two inch tape where we can hear the always unique Higgs going more mediterranean than ever.

La Castanya is releasing Beyond & Between worldwide on LP+MP3 and Digital. From january 2012 Dischord Records will distribute the LP in the USA, and a number of different distributors will deliver the record around Europe.


You can swing over to SoundCloud and listen to a track!


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