Milton Zeis Book update

My friend Scott of Yellow Beak Press has finally rolled out a website/blog for their first offering, a comprehensive volume on the life, times and artwork of Milton Zeis. Along with historical information about Zeis, the book features 95 of the world’s best tattoo artists re-interpreting his classic flash, including:
Mike Wilson
Robert Ryan
David Bruehl
Chad Koeplinger
Adam Shrewsbury
Bradley Tomkins
and more!

(For a full list, check out: Yellow Beak Press Store)

There are several ways to keep up with Yellow Beak Press:
Facebook Page- Here.

The tattoo above is a Zeis design tattooed by Jef Whitehead.


  1. Hi Shawn,
    The caption for the photo of Milton Zeis at this link:

    has his name misspelled. Great work your doing! Can’t wait to see
    finished book!

    (one of Milton’s grandsons)


  2. All taken care of, thanks for spotting it!
    And yeah, I can’t wait to see what Scott and Kayla have put together. Their passion for your grandfather’s contributions to Tattoo Culture have made me very interested in reading about his life.


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