Tattoo Age: Freddy Corbin

Freddy Corbin Tattoo Age Trailer.

This is the Tattoo Age I’ve been waiting for since the original trailer hit the net; Freddy Corbin.
While the bold ‘powerpop’ aesthetic of Higgs more suited my tastes I was always interested in Fred as a tattooer. He seemed to live up to his Mr. Nice Guy nickname.

The Tattoo Age series has more than exceeded any expectations I had and Corbin is the perfect way to end what I can only hope to be season one. The first episode hits the ‘net on Tuesday November 2nd at with the following episodes on November 9th & 16th.

From Tattoo Age:
Once the young turk of the Bay Area working with tattoo luminaries Ed Hardy and Dan Higgs in the early 90′s at Tattoo City, Freddy Corbin is now an elder statesman of the tattoo scene. Freddy proclaims that he is a spiritual man, whose shop looks like a cross between the Sistine Chapel and an old bar. He has battled addiction and dealt with loss but always maintains a positive outlook on life. Two years ago, he tattooed villagers for free in India on the banks of the Ganges River as a spiritual offering before the birth of his son.

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