Des is Halloween

I grew up in a small rural farm town in central Florida. Technically we didn’t even have a name (the area was unincorporated) so we shared a postal address with Plant City, the next town over. Every October the local elementary school (Springhead) would host a Halloween Carnival that transformed the entire school grounds into Halloween central.

Haunted Houses. Spooky Midway Games. Hundreds of kids and adults really getting into the spirit of the event and wearing costumes. When I was a kid, I went to it every year. As a teenager even volunteered in the Haunted House once, happily scaring the next generation of Horror Kids.

My Mom told me that a few years after I left Florida, the town, primarily conservative Christian, banned the Halloween Carnival. It was rechristened ‘Fall Festival’ and all costumes had to follow specific guidelines.

For the kids- No devils, demons, vampires, zombies or monsters.
For the adults- Same as above and nothing sexy. No hot nurses. No sexy maids. Nothing.

The Haunted House was gone. Little black eyed vampires in cloth capes, fangs oozing fake blood. No mummies or pitchfork waving devils… all gone.

The moral of the story is that as adults, we can go to see Jacob Des at Truth and Triumph Tattoo the entire month of October and get badass Halloween themed tattoos for a cool $100 bucks.

I’m really geeked by all of these cool October Halloween tattoos.

Contact Jacob for more info!
613 Watervliet ave, Dayton OH 937-258-1410.

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