I had sworn off being tattooed anymore in 2011 after Thomas Hooper did my fingers. Nothing against Thomas of course, but this year has been a busy one. New tattoos by Rick Lohm,  (who’s enthusiasm for his profession was a much needed shot in the arm for me) Robert Ryan, Deno, Thomas Hooper and finally Scott Harrison.

I think Scott was a good way to cap off this year. He’s been someone I’ve wanted to get tattooed by for years, and when the opportunity came up to book some time with him, I readjusted my ‘no more tattoos in 2011’ policy and made it up to Saved for a little something from him.

I picked critter that appears from time to time in Scott’s paintings to fill an awkward little spot I had left. I didn’t know what to expect from the experience; I had only met Scott once but don’t really know him; but friends who’ve been tattooed by him assured me it was going to be a good time.

And so it was. He whipped up a great drawing (It doesn’t have three arms; you’re seeing one of the arms at two different times according to Scott) and shared a bunch of great stories while he tattooed it on me. Really glad everything worked out.


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