Sol Invictus


I’m updating via iPad with very swollen fingers from Boston; my birthday trip about to come to a close and my return to life’s responsibility a short sleep and a long bus ride away.

I visited Thomas Hooper at Saved on Wednesday 3rd August to do a little work on my fingers; bringing him abstracts and fragmented symbolism and asking him to work something up based on very little cohesive information.

To his credit Thomas was able to make something solid out of the more uncemented ramblings I presented him with and whipped up this piece and in no time flat had it on my fingers.

Despite the discomfort I left my visit happy; freshly tattooed and in the company of my sister and brother in law and en route to seeing an old friend who was visiting Boston. Thomas was kind enough to penguinize my hands to keep me safe from the elements…. Making subway and bus travel interesting to say the least.

Such and amazing few days that my current swollen finger situation prohibits me from talking about, but tomorrow I head home to  Bailey and will hopefully be able to make regular updates on the healing process of the fingers.


  1. So so awesome dude. I need Thomas to tattoo my hands one of these days. Also, are you still in Boston by chance? If so we should meet up!


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