More Ed Hardy

Thanks to a really helpful tech support person, I’m (almost 100% sure that I’m) able to capture video from VHS again. I was able to snag a few minutes of Ed Hardy (I’m on a Hardy kick at the moment) talking about why tattooing will never be franchised (it has been) and how it’s not like “adapting the lastest fashion designer’s clothing aesthetic”.

I’m not throwing Ed under the bus… just pointing out how times change.

This clip is from Stearn’s Tattoo Reality; I really hope Michael is still with us and would considered remastering and releasing his catalog digitally. He was able to capture a ‘point in time’ in modern tattoo culture that has proven to have a lasting impact on how tattoos are designed/executed and his stuff is always worth watching.

This clip also features Sam Steward (aka Phil Sparrow) showing his Amund  Deitzel chest piece to  Pinky Yun.




  1. Truly is, Doug; there were a lot of tattoo tapes that came out during the 80s and early 90s, but Mr. Stearns were always the best in my opinion.


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