Ed Hardy is hard to classify.
I usually think of Japanese style tattooing when I think of Ed’s influence, but he’s certainly done his fair share to popularize/refine Traditional Americana, Chicano and Pacific/Polynesian style tattoo work. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Ed is the reason most of us get tattooed the way we get tattooed, regardless of what that way is.

This video, another excerpt from Signatures of the Soul, features Ed talking about the Japanese style. Personally, I like the ‘ol A12 black panther, but I certainly relate to his points about being able to get what you want.

The clip seems glitchy. The lack of videos on the OV blog lately has been in part due to faulty technology. My iGrabber (how I transfer vhs to dv) software has been twitchy; I need to invest in something better. It starts and stops recording on it’s own, which is very inconvenient and is making recording impossible.

Tech/mac nerds- any recommendations on video capture hardware for mac os?


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