Gypsy Gentleman episode one!

The Gypsy Gentleman – Episode 01: New York City from Marcus Kuhn on Vimeo.

The first episode of Marcus Kuhn’s GYPSY GENTLEMAN has premiered; focusing on NYC and featuring Kuhn, Virginia Elwood and Thomas Hooper this 30 minute episode comes fresh on the heels of Vice’s Tattoo Age (and features a brief visit to Dan Santoro’s coffee/antique shop) and is another example of the possibilities of tattoo documentation.

Kuhn gives us a walkthrough of NYC’s Bowery area and brings Elwood and Hooper to a Tibetan/Himalayan art museum; work on drawings and finally tattoo them on a few lucky tattoo collectors.

I recommend taking a half an hour out of your evening tonight, relaxing and devoting yourself to watching GGep1. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

One comment

  1. Not sure I dig this one as much as Tattoo Age… don’t get me wrong it’s still REALLY cool… just not as fluid and slick as TA.

    My biggest critique here is that the soundtrack is WAY too loud and makes it difficult to hear at times. It gets distracting and adds too much chaos to the overall piece.

    All in all, it’s still pretty dope.


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