Palm Sunday Part II

This amazingly realized palm tattoo (with matching forehead) comes from Guy Le Tatooer. The stipple technique really adds something to it. You can find more of Guy’s work here.



  1. this really is amazing. this guy even works in a studio in berlin from time to time which is just a 15 min. walk from my flat! made an appointment already. can´t wait. will get a lot of stuff done probably. he also just blakens old stuff in a very very nice way. looks supersolid. you can see that too on this foto. thx for posting! i gave up on looking for good tattooers in berlin for a while because i thought i knew them all by now – there are some great artists like tobias werner and oliver ruts from pain and ink department, hannes from blut und eisen, slim d. from white light and fabian nitz from outback tattoo. also i just found out that simon erl and jakub settgast opened a shop here. there is actually a lot of stuff happening right now…just didn´t know. great to know now. i feel young again. my body can tell a story of the very bad tattooers from berlin as well though.


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