Penguin Ink?

Top to Bottom: Justine: Justine (Lawrence Durrell, Cover Robert Ryan) | Libra (Don DeLillo, cover Chris ODonnell | The Bloody Chamber And Other Stories (Angela Carter, Cover Jen Munford)

So. The last post was a little negative. I try to not be that media unfriendly, but TLC forced my hand.
In response… how about some amazing cover art featuring some of the finest tattooers in the world?
Penguin Books has commissioned tattoo artists to create book covers for their ‘Penguin Ink’ line. Robert Ryan, Chris O’Donnell, Jen Munford, Grez, Bert Krak and more have all created new covers for classic Penguin Books. There are a handfull available with more apparently coming.

You can find them at Penguin Books.


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