Boycott TLC

I have a cooking blog.
I love spending time in the kitchen, going to restaurants, inventing my own recipes and most of all, as evidenced by my waistline, I love to eat.
When friends jokingly call me Chef Shawn, I always correct them; I’ve not put the hours in learning the art of cooking from a mentor/apprentice dynamic. I may be able to cure my own prosciutto (it’s not that hard) and make my own cheese (it can be that hard) but I’m at best an artisan hobbyist.

Tattooing isn’t a hobby. It’s not an industry. It’s a craft that’s also a science, a culture that’s had it’s traditions passed down from mentor to apprentice. It’s a culture who has it’s own language, rules, taboos and rewards.

Scores of people have (not so) silently sat back and watched the trainwreck reality culture that Miami/LA/NY Inked has spawned, turning it into an in-joke while TLC has minted an empire on the backs of tattooers and tattooed people everywhere. Some folks, like myself (a known detractor) have even defended the shows- Tattooers don’t usually have a 401k to fall back on, so sure, be a heel on tv for a few seasons, save up all that money and go back, quietly, to tattooing when the ride ends.

But TLC is premiering a new show soon that is as subtle as a pipebomb in a daycare; Tattoo School. Tattooist Lisa Fasulo, operator of two tattoo schools that teach students a two week tattooing course, will be the focus of the new show. Her site has this to say:

Honestly though, we never imagined this little “garage” tattoo shop would morph into 2 schools (east coast and west), great employees and unbelievably fantastic people that we have met along the way.

The work on the Tattoo Learning Center website is horrific. While (basic) technique may be taught in the two week course, the results speak for themselves.

As a community, we’re asking TLC to pull the show.
To sign a petition, please go here: ipetition.
There are also Facebook groups that are helping to get the word out.
As well as the Ethics department at TLC:



One comment

  1. Thanks for the head’s up Shawn… I am so frickin’ pissed about this.

    This is just a brand new level of absurdity…

    May the tragedy of all of those new hepatitis-spreading kitchen magicians spawned by TLC weigh heavily upon the heads of the creators and those who endorse this travesty.



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