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Tattoo Age Trailer.

Tattoo Age: More antidote for the tattoo reality tv virus; a new ‘series’ featuring interviews with artists who have a lot to say but would likely (hopefully?) never be caught dead hashing out scripted drama on A&E.

“I tell anybody that’s learning how to tattoo it’ll be five years before you start even doing halfway good tattoos, and at ten years you’re kinda like ok, I think I’ve got this kind of figured out and I can start getting good” Freddy Corbin.


In 1995 I attended Henk (Hanky Panky) Schiffmacher’s Amsterdam Tattoo Convention. Almost twenty years later it remains one of the best shows I ever went to. I fell in love with Amsterdam on that trip. This video shows Henk talking about both loves- Amsterdam and Tattooing.

Thanks to Scot and Lochlan for the links!



  1. Thanks for re-posting them here.

    These (and the interviews at serve as a great accompaniment to the older documentaries and interviews you posted a short while ago.

    Thanks again.


  2. The stuff with Freddy is great if you watch it together, it’s true- see where he started and where he’s at now. Few people have that kind of ‘evolutionary documentation’ of their lives.


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