main de gloire- Robert Ryan

You can’t argue that Robert Ryan does a good hand of glory; my recent tattoo has healed perfectly and he just dropped this on his tumblr account.

The Hand is an increasingly popular tattoo design, but a lot of the folks getting them aren’t familiar with the mythology behind it. This is what our friend wiki has to say:

“According to old European beliefs, a candle made of the fat from a malefactor who died on the gallows, virgin wax, and Lapland sesame oil – lighted and placed (as if in a candlestick) in the Hand of Glory, which comes from the same man as the fat in the candle – would have rendered motionless all persons to whom it was presented. The candle could only be put out with milk. (In another version the hair of the dead man is used as a wick, also the candle is said to give light only to the holder.) The Hand of Glory also purportedly had the power to unlock any door it came across”


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