Phil Sparrow & Kenneth Anger

Phil Sparrow tattooing a Sailor

Sometimes things tie together so nicely; a few weeks ago I posted a photo of Occult filmmaker Kenneth Anger’s iconic LUCIFER tattoo; earlier tonight while reading the amazing biography of tattooist Phil Sparrow (aka Samuel Steward) I came across this passage:

“Shortly after being introduced, Anger came to the Anchor to have Steward tattoo the word Lucifer across his chest in large Old English letters, and to have a similar Lucifer emblazoned across the chest of his young companion, a musician named Bobby. Because Ed Hardy was at that point keen to meet Anger, Steward arranged an evening with him in the Haight, during which Hardy lit up a “couple of high-powered joints” and the three men got high.”

Bobby, of course, was Bobby Beausoleil- the on again/off again star and music composer of Anger’s Lucifer Rising.

Bobby Beausoleil with LUCIFER tattoo

Steward’s biography (Secret Historian) has been a revelation so far; aside from starting the careers of both Ed Hardy and Cliff Raven, ‘Sparrow’ was one of the largest single contributors to the Kinsey Institute and lived a life that would make the most adventurous blush. While tattooing only plays a small part in the book (written by Justin Spring) it’s been an incredibly captivating read so far.

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