Trap ’em all, let Egon sort ’em out.

Trap ’em all, let Egon sort ’em out?

I just completed a short interview with Syracuse NY’s Rick Lohm this morning. The final edit should appear on Monday, give or take. I had all the photos I wanted to use in place when Rick posted this tattoo earlier today so instead of waiting for Monday, y’all are getting a sneak peak now.

Rick is in his fourth year of tattooing and gravitates toward bold, classic Americana style tattooing which you can see from above can be tailored to fit just about any subject matter.  You can find him at Halo Tattoo in Syracuse.


One comment

  1. Hey,
    That’s my tattoo design that was featured in the 3G Show at Gallery 1988 and on a tee shirt on Rick did a real nice take on my design, making it much more of a classic tattoo design. Feel free to check out my other pop-culture related, tattoo designs at: or


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