Lucifer Rising

Several years ago I was lucky enough to attend a screening of several films by legendary occult filmmaker  Kenneth Anger. Up until that night I had only seen his films on copy-of-a-copy VHS dubs, circulated amongst likeminded friends. Seeing the restored versions of the films, probably better prints than had ever been available, was amazing. Especially since a highly animated Anger was in attendance, telling the audience anecdotes about the making of his films.

Lucifer Rising wasn’t on the program that night.

Last night, I hosted a public screening of a few of his films, including Lucifer Rising, with mixed success. Several of the folks watching had seen some of his homoerotic work, but had never seen the Occult films. Most liked them, but a few didn’t like the droning soundtracks. You can’t win them all I guess, but it was great to expose his works to such a diverse audience.

If you’ve never seen any of Anger’s films- he has two volumes out on DVD with the majority of his iconic films collected. Some of the films are quite short, but there’s a lot of great content on the discs.

Anger is seen above with LUCIFER tattooed on his chest.



  1. Just an FYI, the UK Blu Ray release collects both US DVDs plus adds a newish Crowley doc that I dont think they had. It is region free, pretty cheap at and looks & sounds amazing!


    1. No problem…thanks for the sweet VHS rips!

      Also, a quick google tells me the US set has the Crowley piece, but not the ‘Anger Me’ doc that comes on a PAL DVD with the Blu Ray. It is essentially Anger speaking to camera about the making of each film and bit of his childhood. It is pretty cool and he is wearing a sweet cable knit sweater with “anger” embossed across the chest. Awesome.


  2. When we met him at the NY Film Festival he had on a NY RANGERS hockey jersey with the R and the S removed so it said ANGER.


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