Ultraterrestrial Harvest Hymns

The music of Daniel Higgs defies classification.
The rock (or as close to rock as Higgs gets) output of Lungfish or The Pupils bears little resemblance to the noise of his later work (Ancestral Songs, Metempsychotic Melodies, Hymnprovisations for the Banjo, Say God) which can make for a very confused listener.

I find myself gravitating toward his lyrically based work; the all music releases don’t grab me as much.

The recently released cassette tape ULTRATERRESTRIAL HARVEST HYMNS is somewhere in the middle. Something that isn’t really my cup of tea but worth a listen for it’s better moments. The listening process was difficult, as I don’t have a cassette player. Fortunately,  my friend Alex was able to rip it from analog to dv for me. The cassette has flown all over the country at this point.

Above is the inner package art by Daniel.


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