Tattoo City

I spent most of the morning trimming this one together. Cleaning the sound up (I’m still getting used to iMovie) and preparing it for uploading. Then I deleted it. I have no idea what I was thinking. Cleaning up the unused portions found me deleting ALL of the files. And cleaning my macbook’s trash.

So I had to recapture the footage. Re-edit everything. Clean it up, process it and upload it.

All so I can type the following sentence: Ed Hardy looked like a Cholo Don Knotts.

This came from a documentary called Tattoo City.


  1. Great stuff! Thanks so much for posting it. Do you happen to know what year it’s from? Crazy to see Ed raw-doggin’ it (working sans gloves), so I’m guessing…1980?


  2. I’m not sure- the closing credits were cut off, but I want to say early 1980s.

    Ed was using autoclaves for his needles/tubes but not wearing gloves, so that puts it most likely very early 80s at the latest.


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