Excerpt from Dave Lum’s Heavy Duty Tattooing

(non HD version- here)

I bought Dave Lum’s Heavy Duty Tattooing on VHS in 1992.
Lum’s work was nonsensical and sarcastic; bold and readable from across the room. The first time I saw one of his pieces in person I was blown away; solid packed fields of color that almost vibrated when you looked at them. Michael O. Stearns spent some time at his Austin studio and recorded so many pearls of wisdom from a genuinely nice guy; hopefully he’ll eventually release these classics on dvd.

I’ve distilled it down to approx. 15 mins of pure essence of Lum. Enjoy.


  1. Brilliant!I love this video,must have watched at least once a week for literally years.Thanx for taking the time to put this up.


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