Cliff Raven

I inherited a large number of tapes from the Sailor Sid Diller collection when my mentor passed away; this short clip is from a video Sid and Ken Meyers made in 1974. (The year I was born) It features tattoo icon Cliff Raven working on a few pieces. At the time Cliff was guesting in “underground” shops catering primarily-if not exclusively- to gay men. The tattoos he’s doing go along with that culture.

These videos originally had no sound so I’ve chosen to keep them that way.


Another VHS rip, albeit considerably worse quality, is the first half of “Tattoo Take Two” featuring an older Raven. The audio is crackly and loud, but for the sake of history it’s worth watching:






  1. Thank you for posting these videos of Cliff Raven tattooing Sailor Sid Diller. I never got to meet, nor watch the master tattoo. I did have the pleasure of meeting Sailor Sid. These videos are an important piece of tattoo history.


  2. I on the other hand DID have the pleasure of meeting YOU, Pat. My first convention; Amjam. I want to say 1990 or 1991. I was some goofy kid from Florida (now I’m a goofy man from Philadelphia) wandering around taking pictures and meeting people, and you and the folks didn’t treat me with anything other than respect. So thank you. 😀

    I was 18 at the oldest. Dang time flies.


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